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On The Road – Sort Of…

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See Her Fret and Squirm It has been hilarious watching The Lady try to figure out how to get me and MuMu down to Mexico. She’s come across so many challenges in that department I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. But the fact is, the results of her contacting every Tom, Dick and Mario […]

Partyin’ with Peeps

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Saturday nights round DogTrot Hill can be pretty boring. Boring unless Peeps come a callin’! Last night some of Joey O’Bunny’s cousins stopped in and before we knew it – all heck broke out! You might be wondering where I got my mod posters? From Keiko! Her art ROCKS! Check it out!

Update: Coolest Horse Contest

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Holding at 5th place. We still need over 4000 votes to win for the “Share the Love” road trip! In the Pick your 5 Favorite Rescues in my Facebook Question These are the top ten as of 8am EST this morning: Horse Rescue United 201 (402 – 603) Frog Pond Draft Rescue 172 (344 – 516) Rosemary […]

Glass Act

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Me and Alfie took a trip to Haight-Asbury recently…..far out, man! Seriously look: Glass artists Claire and Tony Metzler from California sent this to me to commemorate the groovy time we had in SF. Thanks Claire!! Thanks Tony!! I cannot believe how cool this is!! The Lady continues to NOT let me hang this in […]

Little Horse Windy City!

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In 2009, when I was but a foal I took a chance to go visit The Lady’s home city of Chicago. It was an amzing time to test out my hip-osity. I am happy to say I wowed them wherever I went. I walked the hip streets of Bucktown and Wicker Park and met some […]