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Coolest Horse Contest

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While we all know I am a very “Cool Horse” – the question is: Am I THE Coolest? As some of you know, I am enrolled in a Coolest Horse contest to get 5000 votes before any other horse, whereupon if I do – I win $5000!! If I win, I’m giving the hay away […]

Update: Coolest Horse Contest

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Holding at 5th place. We still need over 4000 votes to win for the “Share the Love” road trip! In the Pick your 5 Favorite Rescues in my Facebook Question These are the top ten as of 8am EST this morning: Horse Rescue United 201 (402 – 603) Frog Pond Draft Rescue 172 (344 – 516) Rosemary […]

The Coolest Horse has The Coolest Fans!

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Already I’ve reached the #10 spot. But I still need thousands of votes (over four thousand) to win! I have made the pledge to share the $5000 in prize money if I win with the equine rescues YOU get to choose and vote on! (see Questions on my Facebook Wall) It takes about a minute […]

From Last Place to 16th in TWO DAYS!

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With your help I’ve gone from last place all the way up to 16th in just two days in the Coolest Horse contest! I still need thousands of votes (4000+) to nail this thing, and I don’t know how many votes my competition has – but I can tell you this: NONE of them is […]