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Vacation From What – Work?

What is vacation to a Celebrity Miniature Horse of Leisure? Well I’m taking a break from social media. But not from my blog here. Actually I’ve been neglecting my blog in exchange for trying to entertain people on Facebook and such. Facebook is a strange place and sometimes it overwhelms me. The comments that come in, the requests, the feedback – I sort of get piled high and find I can’t delicately finesse my way forward without a muck bucket and some knee high boots.

Sabbatical, That’s listening to Black Sabbath a lot right?

So for this next little while I am officially on sabbatical while I dig through my equine hopes to determine what’s the next best course of action for me. Who knows – maybe I’ll go back to it all and maybe I’ll get busy on this venue. Then there’s the whole Instagram thing to think about. I could buy a camera and start uploading my point of view – literally – on things. I don’t know.

Wish me luck!


Here’s me on a journey with Mu and The Lady and others.

8 Responses to "Vacation"
  1. Joey O'Bunny says:

    GOOD LUCK, wee wonder! while i will miss your daily wee wonderisms & your snarky love KaPOWs over in facebook world, i wish you oodles of good things as you venture into this new world of blogs & instagrams. please keep us loyal fans up to date on your latest adventures, will you?
    peace & carrots, wee wonder!
    -your ever-loving peep

  2. iotamchippus says:

    Thank you Wonder-Joey! I <3 you.

  3. k meow says:

    good luck on your journey!!! i will miss you while you’re gone *leaves snax*

  4. girlfromwva says:

    Good luck to you! Will be watching this blog more carefully : glad i get emails on new posts!

  5. Pudge Pony says:

    Keep the posts coming, I always enjoy what you write and it’s ok to take a break, I understand though I will miss you on Facebook while you’re watching Black Sabbath! luv ya dood! Pudge ♥

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