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In preparation for my BIG Trip across the US-Mexican border I have had to succumb to a lot of dumb procedures.

Idyllic ‘Containment’

For one thing, I have had to live in a ‘clean’ pasture with MuMu for months at Seldom Scene Farm DOES take 3 vets to get me carefully subdued.

Um….yeah… DOES take 3 vets to get me carefully subdued.

in Woodford County, KY.. What’s that mean? It means we had to be on a farm with no reported outbreaks of anything, which I suppose in and of itself isn’t such a terrible thing, but has seriously cut into my social life. I haven’t been able to attend ANY of the local county fairs or drive into Cincinnati for some blues.

Stab, Jab and Blab

Then, to make matters worse, Dr. Woody Friend (real name) of the prestigious Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY, stopped by with a bevy of beautiful interns to jab me with his needles in the name of ridiculous regulations. Coggins, rabies, botulism, influenza this and that and I don’t know what-all. Let it be known: I. Do. NOT. Like. Needles! Never have. Never will.

This is a known fact to Dr. Friend, so he nose and tail twitched me to jab me with some Happy Juice before starting in with all of the above. His BIG Finish? A freaking Identification slab installed in my neck! That’s right, like any good Great Dane, I am now microchipped – #965 000 000 321442.

Do You Want Chips With That?

Additionally, The Lady has been going about adding all sorts of things to my shipping halter. The microchip tag, a tag with her email on it and a lucky charm made by Lu. She had them put my name on a brass plate on the halter, but she only now noticed they spelled it wrong — **snort!**. “Iota McHippis” instead of the right way. Oh well, if they google search it they should land on this page.

Fancy KY style halter - with a typo!! Figures.

Fancy KY style halter – with a typo!! Figures.

Finding the right people to shepherd me and the Mu-ster across the southern half of this country into the central part of the one below it has proved to be a crazy challenge for her. I’ll talk about that next post!

My Good Luck charm designed by Ludovica of Rodrigo and the Rose in Italy no less!

My Good Luck charm designed by Ludovica of Rodrigo and the Rose in Italy no less!

Traumatic Rodeo Averted

PS: The photo of them twitching and jabbing me got pretty controversial on my Facebook page. I heard from people with nicely behaved, much larger cold blood draft type horses who admonished the facilitators as being unprofessional and heavy handed. In fact, we littles can get pretty airs above the ground when it comes to shots so what you’re seeing is Dr. Friend and Company administering the Happy Juice to keep me calm so the whole thing wasn’t one big traumatic rodeo.

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  1. Thinking about you buddy!! Hang in there!

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