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On The Road – Sort Of…

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See Her Fret and Squirm

It has been hilarious watching The Lady try to figure out how to get me and MuMu down to Mexico. She’s come across so many challenges in that department I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

But the fact is, the results of her contacting every Tom, Dick and Mario she’s gotten leads for are a ton more fun than simply plopping we equines on a couple of direct runs from The Horse Capitol of the World to the land of burros and burritos.

It’s a Slow Go

Turns out, the biggest bottleneck is at the border. No surprise there, right? Any time a group of bureaucrats can exert their influence and scramble someone’s simple plans they are duty bound to do so. I think they take oaths for that. This is a Truth the world over. Mexican authorities are no different. Matter of fact, I’m prepared to say they are inspired by their cousins north of the border and have a zealousness to their routine unrivaled even by U.S.D.O.T. airport personnel.

Sure, they don’t have all the fancy X, Y and Gamma Ray machines, but they do have amazing teams of people with various iterations of rubber stamps that must be utilized in an unyielding linear fashion. It keeps the employment numbers in Mexico up.

Savvy Wranglin’


MuMu ambles behind me as we walk to the barn where we will join our chauffeur. I will miss Seldom Scene Farm truly.

So finding a savvy wrangler who can negotiate the intricacies of such a system toting accompanying equines in customs cleared trailers following a schedule that closely resembles a rocket launch in intricate coordination ain’t easy. And it ain’t cheap. Suffice it to say The Lady has failed miserably in pinpointing the proper outfit to accompany me and MuMu through that process from her vantage point this side of the border. She now hopes to git’er done from the other.

After a half a year of watching her follow dead end after dead end or connecting with folks who want a clean kidney and open access to her checking account in exchange for sliding me and Mu down the cactus highway, she collapsed in a heap and put the call out on my Facebook page for ideas.

Wildcard Awesomeness!

Enter Linda (the mom and event coordinator) and Mary Kitzmiller (natural horsemanship national competitor)! Yesterday we walked onto a trailer headed to Keeneland where we then walked up the ramp and into a box stall  in an 18 wheeler headed to Texas and Rancho Kitzmiller. OK, I made the name up.

We’re going to live there while The Lady gets her act together. Mary’s gonna teach Mu about the garrocha pole and I’m going to catch up on my hulu. “Like” Mary’s Facebook page, she’s gonna need all the likes she can get after she starts learning what I have to teach her.

Waiting for my chauffeur

Waiting for my chauffeur

I call this a real silver lining! I always wanted to have a crack at Mary, I mean kiss her. She may be THE only nationally competing natural horsemanship clinician willing to go public with her work with a mini. The others appear to be wusses. I’m not saying she’s going to work with me, but I do intend to give her some tips. Of my hooves. On her rear! Hahahahahhaa.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so anyway, I would say the chances of me and Mu ever getting to Mexico are about 50/50. Stay tuned. This little horse on a BIG Trip will be posting again soon.

I’m comin’ to gitcha, Mary! KaPOW!

Iota and Muon McHippus leave Seldom Scene Farm through the courtesy of Equine Express, Inc.

Iota and Muon McHippus leave Seldom Scene Farm through the courtesy of Equine Express, Inc.

If you’re shipping a horse you may want to look up Equine Express. They may not be able to guarantee a flat screen tv in every one of their vans or trailers, but they do serve enough hay to make it worthwhile without taking too much of yours, if you catch my drift.

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