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My BIG Trip!

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Life Happens

A couple years ago The Lady and I thought we might be able to put a trip together and visit equine rescues around the US and distribute money raised in various ways. Life stepped in and that turned out not to have happened.

Instead, if you follow me on Facebook then you probably know something about this, we’re moving to Mexico. I’ve fielded a ton of questions about WHY we’re going and I am happy to give you the mini version now.

I am Mexico bound!

I am Mexico bound!


Basically the failing economy nixed The Man’s job and after a year a fruitless searching for another job the old dude realized Life was offering him an opportunity in a golden hay net, if you will, so he opted for early retirement. Because The Lady has assembled an imaginative career for herself through the years making art and doing design and web work. Her work is completely portable!

San Miguel de Allende

MuMu and me with Hoss who is not, but is a goofy dog we love in Kentucky.

MuMu and me with Hoss who is not, but is a goofy dog we love in Kentucky.

So they ran their numbers and decided all would be well for us all if we went somewhere where the cost of living is lower.  They considered Thailand, Panama and Costa Rica first before The Man found an absolutely perfect city in the high plains of Mexico’s interior where artists are welcomed and building preservationists were well respected.

They found a tiny ranch on the side of a hill 6 miles north of San Miguel de Allende and after a whole year getting things situated for our move, we are heading down in a week. We all have mixed feelings. We have loved it in Kentucky and, of course, I was born here. But adventure beckons!

Future Fun

My new pasture is 6000' up in the sky. It's got cacti whatever those are.

My new pasture is 6000′ up in the sky. It’s got cacti whatever those are.

Already a school principle who shepherds elementary school kids is keen to let me pass out books and let the kids keep them after they read them to me. The kindergarten down the hill from our new place is expecting me to visit and do something similar. I can just walk there from home!

The Lady is planning to write and illustrate a book in Español featuring me on the topic of animal kindness that we’ll be talking more about as the project unfolds. This all harkens back to her experiences years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer, and I have always wanted to make an impact in this world beyond my Facebook snark and random KaPOWs, lol. I. Am. Amped!

I think I will have purpose in Mexico and this makes my heart happy.

MuMu and I load up in a week and start our long journey south. I’ll keep you updated.

MuMu and I have been waiting at Seldom Scene Farm in Woodford County, KY.

MuMu and I have been waiting at Seldom Scene Farm in Woodford County, KY.

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  1. Wishing you, MuMu, your Mom and The Man all the very best in your new adventures!

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