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Mind Blowing Horsewear

Posted · 7 Comments

Every once in awhile The Lady does something so horrid, so unbelievably callous, so insanely dopey I have to go public with it.

If you’ve ever heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words” then here’s several million to get the ball rolling:


Her “plan” is to make me climb into this get up every time before I go visiting somewhere indoors and official. She says it will keep me clean. I say it will keep me dorked out to the ab-max and I’m asking you to alert your congressman RIGHT AWAY to my plight.

Show them the vid – share these photos:


If you would like to order one to embarrass your mini here’s the gal to connect with: Sleezy Barb.

Oh and a SHOUT OUT to Kkarnos (AKA Augustus Post) for the awesome soundtrack on this vid. KaPOW kk!

7 Responses to "Mind Blowing Horsewear"
  1. Hilarious, thanks for the laugh this morning!

  2. Pudge Pony says:

    That is a great post Iota!!!! I don’t think you like that suit much! Sorry about that. Luv ya Pudge ♥

  3. Pudge Pony says:

    I shared on my Twitter and Facebook so you can get some support! Pudge ♥

  4. Bif says:

    Iota, the link to Sleazy Barb’s isn’t working. =(

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