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The Race to Coolest

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The race to win the honor of being labeled The Coolest Horse is really an opportunity to talk people into helping horses on my behalf. You see, there’s a new website offering a $5000 prize to the first horse to get 5000 votes (that’s 5000 interactive visits to their site).

They don’t care who does it, or how, or why.

I do.

I want to win it for needy horses
and those who help them. I am a lucky horse, but so many are not. Many have a rough time in life. That’s where equine rescues step in. They give new hope to horses! Let me help them by winning this money and sharing it on my “Share the Love” road trip to do just that: pass out bags of money to (501c3, non-profit) equine rescues. At least $500 each for 5 winners – with smaller amounts to go to even more, plus a little to pay for the expenses of my trip.

I’ll blog about the rescues, post on Facebook and spread their messages. This is a win, win, win situation! But I need votes. About 4700 more. That’s a lot. But if this goes viral I could win in an afternoon. An hour!

  1. Vote for me here (you can log in with Facebook)
  2. Vote for your favorite rescue on my Facebook page (left sidebar, click the Questions link – top question)

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