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What Coho Told Whitney

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As you may have heard, we’re moving to Mexico. But The Lady and The Man couldn’t afford to take all three horses. It was time for them to find CoHo a new home. Amazingly, through the magic of the awesomeness of The Lady’s friends on Facebook several wonderful horsewomen stepped up to offer their lives to his.

Also, an animal communicator, Whitney Taylor of Doolittle Communications, offered a free session to make sure the selection process was in keeping with CoHo’s own dreams. This session took place last night.

Below are The Lady’s notes:

  • He was keen to learn about the top two selections for his future home but decided that the one The Lady had selected was going to be the one he would like to go to first choice as well, not because the others were not right, but because he could tell this was a really good fit.
Change is difficult - but oh, so much easier when love is involved.

Change is difficult – but oh, so much easier when love is involved.

  • He said that anyone who is a friend of The Lady is a friend of his.
  • He said “Mary, I like that name.”
  • He didn’t want to go so far (Mexico). May have reconsidered if a boat had been involved.
  • He has really enjoyed his time here with us. He hopes it’s going to be similar where he’s going.
  • He’s delighted there is a mini where he’s headed.
  • He feels a strong forever tie to us despite the circumstances..
  • He originally thought he might like to stay closer to right here with his move because he very much likes it here and loves the climate. he didn’t want to go north or south. When he learned that where Mary’s place is was 6 hours to the east in a lateral move he was fine with it. He was keen to find out if it would be ‘as green’ there. They told him it would be.
  • He wants to participate in a horse show or two. Not to ‘win’ because he believes winning is in the participation. He has an extremely enlightened view on that activity as ‘competition’.
  • We will miss this dude.

    We will miss this dude.

    He wants to show what he can do. He wants to show himself off!

  •  He understands why he needs to be off the rich pasture when he has to be whereupon he side mentioned that io is dumb and doesn’t get it, lol. He was joking apparently. So funny I forgot to laugh.
  • He said ever since witnessing Mu throwing The Lady that day he’s decided “Humans don’t fly very well…” again, he was joking.
  • He said as regards fears and plastic, that plastic doesn’t much occur in nature and that bumping into some randomly here or there shouldn’t stop or even slow down his training.
  •  Plastic smells. Something about a lime or lime color.
  • He can’t wait for us to see Mary’s updates about his progress.
  • He has a high opinion of himself not the unhealthy kind.
  • He would love to be shown in an all-breeds show as the representative of excellence in the Tennessee Walking horse type.
  • Iota should stop farting so much and make ’em laugh. Seriously, Shut Up!
  •  Finally, Whitney said that if Mary wasn’t going to work out, nor the other top notch applicant, SHE herself would take him in because he is so sweet.  don’t think she says that very often.
  •  He will miss us a lot.
  • And we will miss him a lot too.
  • He will always consider us as Family no matter where we all are.

So there it is. Coho is totally on board with what’s happening. In fact, he’s psyched. We ALL believe Mary will be able to get him to where he can accomplish his dreams.

We sure will miss him, but we sure can’t wait to hear about his adventures! He said the same to us.

Ok, I’m crying.

2 Responses to "What Coho Told Whitney"
  1. indigoblur says:

    So wonderful!!! I am thrilled you found such a perfect fit!

    • iotamchippus says:

      Thank you so much! We believe this is going so well because we have angels rooting for us throughout the land – including YOU!

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