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I’m #5! WooHoo!

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Wow! Imagine my delight when I opened my Facebook Page yesterday morning and saw this post from Mary Reisa Stone: Guess who’s in Who’s Who? Then she included this link:

The author of the post said:

What I like about Iotamc Hippus is his daily posts. They are funny, though provoking and they make me smile.

Cool! That’s exactly the effect I want to have!

I’m #5 – Hay! I’m #5 – Hay!

Look what my awesome fans had to say about it yesterday!

I Love you guys!

As a way to say thanks to Thistle Ridge Skill Builders – go “Like” their Facebook page! Tell ’em “Iota” sent me!

Here’s the link:

5 Responses to "I’m #5! WooHoo!"
  1. girlfromwva says:

    so glad others are enjoying you being yourself as a celebrity mini!

  2. AWESOME NEWS – congrats, little buddy!

  3. hunterjudge says:

    Thank you for making me and my ‘followers’ smile…
    Laura (aka Thistle Ridge Skill Builders)

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