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De-Motivate NOW!

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You work too hard. You know you do. It’s time to take action and start slowing down. What better remind could there be than me demonstrating this new view on life? Available as framed wall art, a throw pillow and other items too. Click here for more info. Share this post with your friends so they […]

Just Arrived in Mexico!

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It has been a long time coming, but MuMu, my large sidekick, and I just arrived to our new home in Mexico just this morning. We could NOT have done this transition as healthfully and nicely as we did without the help of a whole bunch of people. So before we get to the rest […]


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MuMu and I have passed Mexican Customs! Our official USA – Mexico shipper is the highly rated Cavaletti Equine Logistics, headed by Mr. Kerim Talmas. LIKE their Facebook page to stay connected to a competitively priced, professional horse shipper who not only is qualified to haul my butt around, but brought some of those spendy […]

New Web Address

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I simplified my web address so Mexican kids can memorize it. What do you think? I would have gone dot mx but they get a lot of pesos for those after the first year. WELCOME!!  

Get Better Gas Mileage With Your Trailer!

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The Lady and The Man have decided to quit coming up with reasons to delay their journey into Mexico, though not before The Lady took some of the down time to deface MuMu’s and my BIG trailer. (Big to me, my usual is pretty dinky). She claims you get better mileage with a paint job […]

On The Road – Sort Of…

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See Her Fret and Squirm It has been hilarious watching The Lady try to figure out how to get me and MuMu down to Mexico. She’s come across so many challenges in that department I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. But the fact is, the results of her contacting every Tom, Dick and Mario […]


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In preparation for my BIG Trip across the US-Mexican border I have had to succumb to a lot of dumb procedures. Idyllic ‘Containment’ For one thing, I have had to live in a ‘clean’ pasture with MuMu for months at Seldom Scene Farm in Woodford County, KY.. What’s that mean? It means we had to […]

My BIG Trip!

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Life Happens A couple years ago The Lady and I thought we might be able to put a trip together and visit equine rescues around the US and distribute money raised in various ways. Life stepped in and that turned out not to have happened. Instead, if you follow me on Facebook then you probably know […]


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As many of you have heard, I am moving to Mexico with my family. The Lady spells about the reasons in her blog post here. I’m cool with it, because I’m going with my Big Brother. Here we are: Well I’m selling some of my OWN things to help raise money for professionals to transport us […]

What Coho Told Whitney

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As you may have heard, we’re moving to Mexico. But The Lady and The Man couldn’t afford to take all three horses. It was time for them to find CoHo a new home. Amazingly, through the magic of the awesomeness of The Lady’s friends on Facebook several wonderful horsewomen stepped up to offer their lives […]