Iota McHippus - Therapist

Iota McHippus – Therapist

My name is Iota McHippus. I have credentials as a therapy horse. I am among a rare and specialized class of professional equines. I am allowed to visit people in hospitals and schools. Just by my being with them, people feel better. I have a Facebook page where THE best people in the whole world help me laugh at my troubles.

I get manhandled, wrangled and abused by The Lady who thinks equine dentists and veterinarians who wield needles that SUCK MY BLOOD are acceptable forms of annual entertainment.

I have many many friends who are themselves equines. From mules to drafts as well as other minis. Together we form a connected web of concern and care across this land and the globe entirely.

Actual Credentials:


I have passed the evaluation test for The Delta Society (Louisville, July 2011)

The Lady:

  • Certified Level 2 – Equine Specialist, EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association)
  • Passed Delta Society Testing

Practitioner, natural horsemanship. Clinics attended: